100 Happy Days – Week 3

We’ve now entered Week 3. Let’s see if this little project of mine can sustain by itself.

Day 14 : Sept 14, 2014 : Had McDonald’s Sakura Mcflurry. I wondered where it got its pink color, until I saw the description – blackcurrant. LOL. And there I was, failing in my September Challenge (More of this in another post.)

Day 15 : Sept 15, 2014 : Went to library@esplanade to borrow a couple of movies. I was in luck, as the library would be closed over the weekend for the F1 race in town. Some movies to entertain myself over the weekend.

Day 16 : Sept 16, 2014 : Met up with an old friend over dinner today. Although the dinner was set at 7pm, he reached half an hour later. Lots of work, he said. It was a good catching up, as I learnt from him that he is in progress of getting his second certificate in 6 months.

Day 17 : Sept 17, 2014 : My very first swimming lesson today. Nervous yet excited. Ended up “drinking” lots of water, as my friend said. My friend is a fast learner, able to swim under the tutelage of our instructor, while I still struggled to hold my breath underwater.

Day 18 : Sept 18, 2014 : Went to have lunch at ABC. Had a bowl of red bean soup. A little watery for my liking, but tasted good nevertheless.

Day 19 : Sept 19, 2014 : Watched “The Ghost Writer”, one of the two movies I borrowed from library@esplanade. It was an OK movie, starring Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor.

Day 20 : Sept 20, 2014 : It’s raining now! Yeah! Rain heavily and keep the haze at bay. And oh yeah, don’t rain at night. There’s F1 on-going in town tonight.

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