Programmers and bugs

The trouble with programmers is that you can never tell what a programmer is doing until it’s too late. – Seymour Cray

Saw a joke at 9Gag.

99 little bugs in the code.
99 little bugs.
Take it down, patch it around.

127 little bugs in the code..

That is something programmers and those in the IT line could relate.

Especially if they inherit the program from their predecessor, without the source code.

It’s like a black box to them. Given a certain input, it would give a certain output. No reasons given. And the outputs can be unexpected, sometimes.

You would never know if the patch that you are applying really solve the bugs.

Or introduce new bugs. And wreck havoc in the process.

In life, we are pretty much like the programmers. We do not know everything in life.

It just ain’t possible.

And yet, we do the best to our knowledge, take calculated risk, and pray that things do work well.

The worst thing that could happen is inaction, if compared to imperfect action.

And yes, please do a back up before you run any patch.

Are you working like a programmer? Applying patches systematically and methodologically?





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