Making a bald statement

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. – Neale Donald Walsch

It has been a month since I have my head shaved.

Yup,  one month since I went bald.

If you knew me, personally, you would know that I would keep my hair long. It’s a fashion statement for me.

Though I really don’t have fashion sense.

Anyway, there are plenty of things to realize from this episode.

One can say and talk till the cow come home. But the real results come from action.

I had said it many times I wanted to experience what it’s like to be bald. At least for a couple of years.

After all the bragging, I really did feel regret when the barber  shaved off side of my head. Despite the repetitious reassurance from the barber.

He must be thinking,”You asked for it, now you wanna cry over it?”

For the record, I didn’t cry.

Well, almost.

What’s my friends’ and colleagues’ first reaction?

“Did you participate for Hair for Hope?” I was too late for it, so nope. But I had always wanted to do it.

Shocked. They were worried sick of what happened to me.

Was I under intense pressure? Depressed?

Rest assured, I am not doing anything foolish. I am fine.

Laugh. Practically roll on the floor,laughing. Laughed till the tears fall.

After the confused two days or so, things started to go back to normal.

Now, after a month, everyone has accepted me for who I am, for now. With slightly longer hair.

What did I really learn?

I learn to break out of my comfort zone.

That criticism can be annoying and hurtful. But this too shall pass.

That people can adapt real fast.

That nothing is permanent. A joke on first day can mean nothing on the next day.

That being brave is something attainable. Seek the courage from within.

Especially if you have a strong reason behind it.

Speaking of which, I hadn’t really tell you why I am doing this?

Because I wanted to challenge myself. To see if I can pull this feat.

To you, if may mean nothing. Getting bald is a normal occurrence.

To me, it means I had overcome a fear and expand my comfort zone.

What is the one thing that you can challenge your comfort zone? Right now, right here – today?





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