I’d still say yes

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

I still say yes. Over and over again. Despite the heart-ache “you” have given me. “You”.

Heard this song over the radio this morning, and memories flashed by. The lyrics struck a chord on my heart.

I’d still say yes to you again
Darlin’ for you, I do it over and over again.

In case you are wondering who is this “you”, rest assured it’s not some pretty gals. It’s about education.

Yes, I know it does sound lame. It is lame. Okay, okay. Let’s continue.

Despite me being failed to complete my masters degree.

Despite it happened just like yesterday.

I had already been eye-ing on another course.

I am interested in studying. There is something in it that I can’t explain.

Perhaps it is the sense of accomplishment.

It does sound ironic, to come out from someone who failed to graduate.

As I told a friend of mine, “I’m addicted to studying”.

But now. This is different. This time it will not be the same.

I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll be focusing on seminars instead. Those 3-4 days courses.

Something like Hyper Island workshops. These look interesting.

Do you share the same passion as me? To continue upgrading yourself through learning. Learning is a life-long process.

What’s the one things you want to learn right now?





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