100 Happy Days – Week 1

Welcome to the very first post for the 100 Happy Days.

Instead of posting daily, I’ll just summarize it weekly.

Although I got to know about it through Instagram, there won’t be any pictures.

Day 1 : Sept 1, 2014 : Went down to Chinatown to experience the Mid Autumn Festival. There was this dinner, presumably organized by the grassroots for the elders.

Day 2 : Sept 2, 2014 :  Saw  a school-going gal giving up her seat for a pregnant lady. People said a smile is infectious. Kindness is infectious too.

Day 3 : Sept 3, 2014 : Shared banana chips with fellow colleagues. It was a treat from a friend who just went holidaying in Thailand. Everyone said it was delicious. I thought the same too.

Day 4 : Sept 4, 2014 : It was a hectic day. Anyway, decided to wind down at Esplanade. Siong Leng Musical Association performed a nanyin (music of the south) at Concourse. It was an interesting piece of musical.

Day 5 : Sept 5, 2014 : Had a mini gathering with a bunch of old friends. Age really do catch up with us. Where we used to talk about gaming, we now talk about buying HDB. By the way, did I mention that Skinny Pizza’s Satay Chicken tasted great?

Day 6 : Sept 6, 2014 : My friend showed me her Arduino project. It was fun channeling one’s energy into something creative.


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