The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

There are always new, grander challenges to confront, and a true winner will embrace each one. – Mia Hamm.

It was a boring weekend – with nothing to do. And to chance upon this Youtube clip with interesting contents. Although the title is on entrepreneur, you can find nuggets of lessons scattered all over the presentation.


Confidence is the skill needed to seize on every opportunities.

People quit. Especially from the perceived notion of competition. You will be surprised of how many people really take action.

In life, ability to sell that matters. Everything involves selling. Learn and improve the skills.

Waiting versus creating. Do you wait for opportunities? Or do you go out and create it yourself?

Just start. Forget about being a perfectionist. If you have a writer’s block, just lower your standard and continue writing. This applies to all of the blocks you face in whatever parts of your life.

There are more to go, it is a 1-hour speech. I won’t continue summarizing it here, instead I highly encourage you to watch it. It will be among the best one hour in your life, trust me =)

Matt Hussey is a coach, an author and a TV personality. You can find more info at his Facebook page.

21Convention is a conference for the guys under 21 years old to improve themselves. More information on the panorama event of life on earth as a man at its homepage.



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