Incredible Mr Goodwin

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I want to give 100 percent to everything. – Sarah McLachlan

Watched the program on National Geographic the other day. In case you want to watch it, here is an example of his act.


What fascinates me is his perfection in carrying out his extraordinary acts. There is no room for error. No margin to compromise.

His life is at stake.

Other people’s life is at stake.

Unlike other escape artists, Jonathan Goodwin always emphasizes on the amount of training and practice done to perfect his crafts.

Countless of hours doing the same action – just to  build up the muscle memory so that he can execute his actions flawlessly.




It is one thing to practice enough when his life is at stake. It is another when another person’s life is on the line. And he won’t compromise it on any reasons.

It goes to show that – perfection really exists, if you would just practice long enough.

And with focus. Laser-like focus.

And a word of caution, please don’t try his acts at home. He is, after all, a trained professional with years of experience.




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