A quote made me think

When fate throws a dagger at you, there are only two ways to catch it : either by the blade or by the handle. – Harvey Mackay

I saw the quote earlier today and was fascinated with it. It made me think.

What does it mean? What’s the underlying meaning to the quote? What’s the story it conveys?

I think..

that there are a good way (catching by handle) and a not-so-good way (catching by blade) of handling things.

that taking a not-so-good action (catching by blade) is better than not taking action at all.

that inaction hurts. Catching by blade is definitely way much better than to have it land on your head or heart.

that one needs to  be decisive. Indecisive hurts. The earlier one decides to take action, the lower the risk of the dagger causing irreversible damage to one’s head/heart.

What do you think about it? What’s your thought? Are things as simple as it seems? Or there is more than meets the eyes?




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