Happy Birthday, Singapore!

True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right. – Bringham Young

Happy Birthday, Singapore!

What does National Day mean to you?

A day of parade? A day of marching and flypast?

A 5-minute fireworks display?

Or just simply another holiday? And a long weekend to add on to it?

National Day. It’s about independence.

It’s about freedom.

It’s about a country’s sovereignty.

It’s about the people’s power and battle – either in blood and sweat or through diplomatic negotiation for the rights of their own country.

It’s about making the right choices for our future generation, regardless of how unpopular it seems.

It’s about our children and grandchildren and more to come.

That’s National Day. To commemorate the sacrifices poured out for our independence.

In return, there’s one question for you – What are you doing for your country today?




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