It is in your moments of decisions that your destiny is shaped. – Tony Robbins

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Every single day, we have to make decisions. It ranges from the simplest thing (what do we decide to eat for breakfast?) to the life-changing ones (should I quit my job?).

In reality, our lives are shaped by the decisions that we make. Inaction, or indecision, is in fact a decision too. A decision of procrastinating what we ought to do.

Why do I blog “decision”?

Because I’ve decided to take action.

Because I’ve decided to have my own blog -to remind myself of what I have become to.

Because I’ve decided to change my life, for the better.

It may sounds vague now, but in life, you need to make a decision. A decision to move forward, or decide to drift along life.

A decision to shape your destiny, or decide to remain status quo.

A decision to impact lives, or decide to live in anonymity.

The time has come – make your decision now. What do you want in life?




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